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Wholesale Organic Beef from a traditional native breed (the Beef Shorthorn) fattened on grass and available direct from the farm.


Field Farm, Wymeswold is the home of Fergus and Joanna Shields who have created a unique environment for the production of Organic Beef. The farm is set in the heart of rural England in an area known historically as the Midland Grazing Region. This unique area around the South Nottinghamshire / North Leicestershire Wolds villages was formed over time by glaciers around 130,000 years ago. This beautiful countryside is renowned for the excellence of its permanent pastures where beast can be fattened by grass without supplementary feeding. This rich pasture produces some of the finest food products on offer in the world today – for example Stilton cheese. To this long and proud heritage we are pleased to offer our finest beef from our home bred Pedigree Organic Beef Shorthorns – a British native breed. This organic beef satisfies the palate in terms of quality and taste and also provides the discerning UK consumer the reassurance of a product produced by ethical farming methods and healthy living.

Our Beef Shorthorns are bred on the farm naturally, graze freely on the organic pasture and in winter when the grazing is limited are fed in the fields on our own organic silage, harvested from summer’s abundance. Our cattle live a natural life outdoors. This combination of natural organic grass and silage plus free range living is for us an ethical way of producing meat and results in organic beef of superior taste and quality.

Our meat is available only direct from the farm at wholesale prices.


Quality organic beef can in our view only be created slowly, carefully, with dedication to the finest feed, welfare standards and respect for the environment.

Field Farm is an accredited Soil Association Organic Farm (AB18328). Our fields provide ample grazing for our livestock and they are free to move about naturally within their environment. We produce our own organic silage for winter feeding and this is delivered direct to the fields by tractor and the cattle are free to eat what they need.

Our land was created slowly by glaciers hundreds of thousands of years ago. We work in partnership with this unique rich environment to slowly mature the finest Pedigree Beef Shorthorns, a traditional, native breed and the oldest recorded breed in England. These handsome cattle are natural grazers and produce fine marbled organic beef when fed on natural grass and forage. What could be more natural? The cattle move about freely and are fit and healthy as a result of this natural exercise.
Beef Shorthorns are a rare breed nowadays and for a good reason; they mature slowly and therefore do not fit with intensive farming methods. At Field Farm time is less important to us than achieving our objective of superb taste.


The new generation of meat eaters is more aware of what makes great meat than ever before. They know that intensive farming methods, the selling of young bull beef without maturing it on the bone and an inappropriate demand for lean, bright red cuts of meat has had a detrimental effect on its taste. This is in no small way due to the impact of TV programmes from people who have a love for creating great food. People like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Marco Pierre White, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey have changed forever the way food is appreciated in the UK.

Field Farm is dedicated to providing tasty, organic beef. To do this we invest in our stock by providing the best feed, environment and welfare. Calves are sired naturally.

The animals enjoy a life as nature intended and the result is great meat. But that is only the beginning of the story. To get tasty beef maturation is required and our cattle are slaughtered after the age of 28 months compared to 18 months for more intensive methods. But that is only the beginning of the story – after slaughter the carcasses are hung and monitored in a cool temperature controlled environment for 3 to 4 weeks of dry aging. This improves flavour and tenderness at a cost to us of a loss in weight. That is a price we are prepared to pay to get the result – a well marbled organic beef with generous amounts of fat. It is a different product to supermarket beef and our customers consistently remark that the eating quality is superb. On cooking the marbling melts and bastes the meat resulting in tender beef with a divine taste. After roasting, a wonderful dripping remains in the pan not water – testimony to the superiority of dry aging.


There is a great concern about fat in our diets and our meat is marbled and has a layer of fat. This gives it its unique flavour and we believe it is a healthy product too. The issue of fat is not an easy one to understand.

There is a lot of research now that grass fed meat is healthier for us – it is higher in omega-3s and contains more "good" fats but no man made trans-fatty acids. Grass fed organic beef is also a rich natural source of CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) which is now sold as a health supplement.

We believe our grass fed Beef Shorthorns produce meat that is healthy for one simple reason – our livestock live the life that nature intended. Our cattle are not fed high growth feeds, hormones nor are they restricted in terms of exercise. A healthy lifestyle for our livestock we believe results in a healthy product.


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